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Produktutvikling: Elektronikk

Komponentvalg, skjema og utlegg for sanntidsapplikasjoner


Product Development

We have a long history of CAD, both for mechanics and circuit boards.


Produktutvikling: Mekanikk

Vi designer komponenter for de fleste produksjonsprosesser



Dedicated space for mechanical assembly. ESD zones for assembly of electronics.

Production: CNC milling and turning

CNC machining quickly takes us from 3D models to prototype/pilot series

Production: Cables

Automated line for cutting, stripping and termination


Pilot Series

Pilot series are an important step in the testing and qualifying of series production


Assembly and Quality Assurance

Assembly and quality procedures are also developed in the pilot series which are used in the beginning of series production


Design & product development

We perform product development from concept phase to industrialisation and series production. Our strength is technically demanding and interdisciplinary challenges. Early in the projects, we factor in user scenarios, industrial design and efficient manufacturing.

Prototyping & pilot series

We realise prototypes early in the project to test out solutions. Adigo has production equipment, testing facilities and staff for seamless integration between product development and practical trials. We implement pilot production and help start series production.

Project execution

Since the company was established, project management and execution connected to product development has been our core business. This was also the basis for the name Adigo, which means “I drive forward” in Latin.

Electronics & software

The robotics group mostly develop systems for real-time applications. They design proprietary analogue and digital circuits and use “embedded Linux”. We are engaged in the design of servo and measuring systems, machine vision, robotics and navigation.


The machine group develop static structures and dynamic mechanisms for projects in many industries on and off shore. We use 3D modelling, performe FEM analysis and design components for most production methods.

Energy technology

Adigo delivers complete biogas plants, micro gas turbines and upgrading plants to utilise gas from water treatment plans and agriculture to produce electricity and heat, or biofuels. We perform design and analysis for thermal processes and machines.